About us

The Shipping Company Vega provides cargo transportation in the Far-Eastern Pacific. The company has been certified by the Russian Maritime Registry of Shipping (MRS) in compliance with requirements of the International Safety Management (ISM) Code and ISO standard, demonstrating compliance with all international safety standards. Also it has a License with the Russian Transport Department for cargo transportation.

The company was founded in 2009. It is registered on the list of the International Maritime Organizations as well. It is the owner of the dry cargo vessel “Alegia", "August", "Andromeda". As well our company have mv "Zeus" and mv "Yamal" in operation.

SC Vega has high standards for safe navigation, service, and environmental protection. Our purpose is to provide our clients with excellent service.

Our service:

The company is engaged in the following activities in the Far-Eastern Pacific including Russian Far East, Japan, China, and Taiwan:

  • cargo transportation;
  • ship's agency service, surveyor and ship chandler service;
  • provision arrangement and ship equipment checking and repair;
  • brokerage services in transportation and customs’ clearances;
  • fuel services;
  • management of vessels

Our fleet

  • Alegia


  • August


  • Andromeda


  • Mars


  • Yamal


  • Zeus


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